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Artificial lights in the studio allowed for different lighting effects. Positioning of the umbrella, snoot, soft box  allowed for better composition and levels of tone, as the use of light in black and white photography registers variation of grey. Understanding lighting meant less time editing the photos as the image captured was of pleasing quality. 

For this module it necessitated assigning creative direction to the model to help gain confidence moving forward into the industry. As images where researched for inspiration  the model and props where considered for the vision of the makeup artist ultimately, for the final portfolio embedding the artists identity. 

These images were taken for my BA (Hons) and were centralised around the hair and makeup of Queen Elizabeth 1. With the Golden hour in mind, the model was photographed to with the light just touching her face, highlighting the colours in the dress. The wig in the last image was made to show what she may have looked like in private and I wanted a strong black and white image with light coming from the side to highlight the face. 

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